"I pity the woman who will love you
when I am done. She will show up
to your first date with a dustpan
and broom, ready to pick up all the pieces
I left you in. She will hear my name so often
it will begin to dig holes in her. That
is where doubt will grow. She will look
at your neck, your thin hips, your mouth,
wondering at the way I touched you.
She will make you all the promises I did
and some I never could. She will hear only
the terrible stories. How I drank. How I lied.
She will wonder (as I have) how someone
as wonderful as you could love a monster
like the woman who came before her. Still,
she will compete with my ghost.
She will understand why you do not look
in the back of closets. Why you are afraid
of what’s under the bed. She will know
every corner of you is haunted
by me."

"My body wasn’t made to be loved on occasion.
it was made to be loved every night, with warm hands.
Everyday, with dedication, like the suns dedication to the earth."

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i really can’t deal with no nigga treating me in a non chalant typa way because i’m amazing and i’m the perfect bitch. like i don’t completely have my shit together yeah yeah whatever but i’m a lil cutie and i’m laid-back yet kind of mysterious and complicated. i’m a lil low-key typa shawty. i just be peeping shit out quietly and i have great taste in music and my ass is soft. and i don’t ask for nothing but all of ur attention. 

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do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them. it could be completely silent and it would just be magical to be there with them.

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"Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other."

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"Don’t tell me you love me if someone else is in your smile.
Don’t tell me you care if your arms embraced someone else last night.
Don’t tell me you’ll always be there if someone else caused that twinkle in your eyes.
Don’t tell me you’ll kiss it better if your lips caressed someone else’s skin.
Don’t tell me you want to be with me forever if you made those exact words echo in the ears of someone else just a few hours earlier."

Don’t Tell Me Because You’re A Liar // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare)

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"Relax, I got the good vibrations. Before we make love, let’s have a good conversation."

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